Stress Relief

I’ve been under some major stress lately what with the craziness at home and all of the doctors visits. So I thought now would be a good time to share with y’all some ways that I de stress and relax after a long day.


Have A Pamper Evening

Bubble baths and facials are good any night of the week but if you’ve had an especially stressful day add some music, candles, a bath bomb, and give yourself a manicure! I always feel like a million bucks afterwards! Definitely my favorite way to relax!


Drink Tea

Y’all already know I love tea. When I’m in the mood to relax I absolutely love chamomile. Tea just helps soothe and it just works miracles for me!


Listen To Music

Again, it’s no secret that I love listening to music no matter what mood I’m in. When I’m feeling stressed out though I really love listening to jazz. I recommend Sade or Norah Jones. If you really aren’t a jazz fan I’d recommend listening to some Jack Johnson or Matt White, they’re newer artists but their songs are still blissfully relaxing.



Lately I’ve felt smothered and found it hard to express what’s been going on to anyone. So instead I’ve been writing. Taking even a half hour out of your day to jot down what’s on your mind is such a big help. You’ll feel loads better once you get some things off your chest.

I hope I gave y’all some ideas on how to de stress. Feel free to share what you do to relax!

Until next time

Smiles, Gabby


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